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Patrice D'Evans
Patrice D’Evans

Patrice D’Evans,, born and raised in New York City, is a Christian minister, mother of two and step mother of two, professional dancer, professional actress in film, television, theater and commercials and a popular You Tube personality.

In 2000, while carrying her second child Rocco, Patrice had the idea to start a dance fitness program that displayed music and dance from various countries and combined a balance of spirituality and sensuality. After many life changes, Patrice instead focused on her family and teaching high school. In the years that followed, she then focused more on her acting career, appearing in several films and commercials. Over time, the idea of a “dance fitness party” was something that was becoming popular through a leading dance fitness program.

In around 2008, as Patrice grew closer to the Lord, she was led spiritually to make a DVD. She ignored it thinking it was impossible to do alone and “Why her?” In 2012, Patrice was approached by someone who said, “God is telling me you are going to do a tape”. Patrice was so convicted and finally convinced that it was definitive that God was really leading her to do this DVD and she began the process of creating Saka Dance Fitness. Patrice is very pleased to be obedient to this calling and has decided to focus her talents and gifts to fulfill this ministry. Patrice’s vision for Saka Dance Fitness is to use her God-given talents and gifts to uplift and empower children and women. Saka 4 Kids is an enrichment program that transforms children’s lives- body, mind and spirit – by uplifting their spirits, developing their character and improving their physical fitness through a world rhythm dance fitness program. Saka Woman’s Program empowers women to access and celebrate their god given “joy”, bring out their beauty, dance ability, sensuality, and self-confidence through a fun-filled dance fitness program – that gets REAL RESULTS in a short amount of time – Saka Dance Fitness!


Saka® Dance Fitness is an easy to follow dance fitness “party” fusion of African, Caribbean, Latin and internationally inspired world rhythms and movements. It’s high intensity and low impact. The Saka Dance Fitness “party” begins and ends by giving gratitude to God. Saka uses authentically inspired dances and movements from various countries that works and tones the whole body, especially the CORE. Saka burns fat, boosts body image and self confidence –all while having fun dancing, because Saka focuses on the WHOLE PERSON and aims to transform you to your best YOU, BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT!

Saka® 4 Kids is an enrichment program that focuses on character development, using Christian principals, physical fitness and cultural awareness by traveling the world through a comprehensive dance fitness curriculum. Students and parents have reported seeing marked improvements in the student’s behavior and levels of joy.

Saka women’s program is high intensity with low impact and combines a healthy balance of spirituality and sensuality. Saka works and tones the whole body especially the CORE delivering real results in a short amount of time. After just the first class, women have shared feeling firmer in their bodies as well as being uplifted mentally and spiritually.

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